Chinese envoy says harmony, peaceful coexistence key to development


Michel Olugbode

The Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Nigeria, Mr. Cui Jianchun called for harmony and peaceful coexistence in Nigeria.

These, he noted, are essential for development and integration in every society.

Cui made the call yesterday in Abuja at a seminar on “Sharing Chinese Harmony and Performing the Nigeria-China Symphony” hosted by the Chinese Embassy.

Cui said that since the symphony produces great melody when harmonized, it also makes sense that Nigeria, like China, can achieve giant development with great harmony in all sectors.

The Ambassador also noted that the Nigeria-China Symphony meeting will also strengthen the people-to-people ties between the two countries.

He explained, “Today is a very important day for China and Nigeria and last year we talked about building the China-Nigeria Five GIST GDP Strategy.

“So, in terms of the connectivity of peoples, today we share Chinese harmony and perform the Nigeria-China symphony.

“The logic is that China, we appreciate, cherish harmony, and I think harmony is international, and as China, we have a unique practice and a warm history.

“So I try to get a Chinese idea of ​​harmony, the four elements; harmony in coexistence, harmony in integration, harmony in diversity and harmony in development.

“I found for Nigeria that the grassroots level is very important. For me, a year in Nigeria, thinking about how we can achieve the goal of people communication.

“Because people are the foundation, people are the foundation of two countries. So I’m trying to get a sense of China, Chinese practice and how we can do things in both countries.

“That’s why we have this seminar today and my idea is how the two countries can interpret a symphony.

“Because with the symphony, everyone loves the melody, the symphony, we use instruments, and I think how we can achieve harmony in the symphony.

“And that means we have to work together. So I think today is very important if the two countries work together to have this kind of concept.

“Nigeria-China can build our symphony, it’s good for both countries. We try to have a general design and I think it’s good for Nigeria’s development,” Cui said.

In his contribution, Nollywood actor, Keneth Okonkwo commended the Chinese Embassy for hosting the seminar, noting that now more than ever, Nigeria needs all harmony to move forward.

Okonkwo said harmony gives strength, improves productivity, enhances peace, synergy, among other positive impacts on society.

The Nollywood actor noted that Nigeria needed leaders who would harmonize the society and push it to greater heights to become one of the world powers.

“China has gone through winds and tides and has been able to move forward, to harmonize its society.

“They were able to rely on their traditional base, to build a society that they can now link to other societies in a relative comparative advantage of strength.

“Nigeria must therefore harmonize her society by being able to combine, allocate and utilize her resources of men, material and money which God has given us in abundance.

“By planning, organizing and controlling, so that we can achieve our goals.

“That is what is missing, this harmony between the different religious groups, between the different ethnic groups, between the different resources of this nation.

“We need those leaders who can emerge to harmonize our society so that we are on our way to becoming a super powerful nation like China.

“So that we can build relationships with other harmonious societies around the world,” Okonkwo said.


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