Casual rhythm game ‘Encounters’ is coming to Switch on July 21, 2022


Developers I Love Media have announced that they will be bringing their casual rhythm game, Encounters, to the Switch on July 21, 2022. Encounters was previously available as a mobile-only experience, but has since been tweaked for the Switch release.

Dating is a new concept in a casual musical rhythm game. You need to clear the way for the characters to move forward and get to the final encounter platform. Each character plays a part of the song. Maybe they play different instruments, or maybe one plays the melody and the other the accompaniment. You can train each character separately, but to level up you need to coordinate your two hands (or play with a friend).

The path has some visual clues. The dots mark the first beat of each measure. If you keep the rhythm with your foot, the kick will coincide with these points. And if you’re playing on easy mode, you’ll see matching tiles raised on both sides in yellow, so lower the tiles on both sides at the same time! When you learn a song, you should be able to play it even with your eyes closed. In fact, we recommend that you trust your hearing more than your sight. If you keep up the pace but frequently fail, you can adjust the timing.

For a more specific breakdown of what Encounters has to offer, check out the game’s official site.


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