Carry Shields Has The World Humming To The Melody Of “Run Rabbit,” His Latest Versatile Masterpiece


Author: Alicia Parker

American singer-songwriter and drummer Carry Shields infuses various melodic elements and resonances to create his refreshing lyrical ball, “Run Rabbit”.

Music is something versatile enough to cater to all listeners’ moods. Renowned singer-songwriter from Kentucky, Carry shields is the epitome of versatility due to its exemplary music collection. He recently released another feel-good and uplifting tune, run the bunnywhich is pure entertainment with a powerful message that penetrates the hearts of listeners. Her robust yet soothing vocal performance mixed with the incredible country and rock fusion in perfect harmony results in a satisfying acoustic experience. He tries to illuminate the darkness that everyone faces at least once in their life.

run the bunny

The multi-talented musician is also an excellent drummer in addition to being a successful singer and storyteller. The lyrical illustration of his latest creation, ‘Run bunny’ make the public feel that they are not alone. This encourages them to overcome their difficulties and conquer everything they undertake with confidence. Carry shields turned his own emotions into something much bigger and more accessible to listeners. The charming vocal presentation is already winning the hearts of listeners across the country and abroad, making it one of the best songs of the season. Discover its incredible soundscape on Spotifyand visit his website, Facebookand instagram for more updates.

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