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Local R&B crooner Bruce Melody heads to Tanzania for possible collaboration with bongo-flavored artists after his mega hit Saa Moya reached 2 million views.

The singer flew to Tanzania at midday on Saturday and according to his manager Jean De Dieu Kabanda, the trip is music related although he didn’t mention anything specific that Bruce Melodie will be doing there.

“It is true that Bruce Melodie is currently in Tanzania on a business trip, but it is too early to divulge all the details in the media. However, we will soon be letting the media know the details of the trip when we are ready, ”said director Bruce Melodie.

The singer was last in Tanzania in the middle of last year for a video shoot of his song Fresh and it is rumored that he has music plans with a big Tanzanian star in the works.

Before leaving the country, Bruce Melodie first celebrated a new milestone for his song Saa Moya for surpassing 2 million views and asked his fans via Instagram if they were ready for a new song.

Melodie is one of the best-selling artists in the music arena with massive successes and hefty advertising deals worth millions today.

It boasts of songs like Katerina, Saa Moya, Fresh and many more featuring various local artists.

The singer was recently toasted on Twitter when he announced that he was going to switch to producing culturally related songs and put an end to songs related to sex, drugs and alcohol.

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