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Music played a pretty big role in games in 2020, and we wanted to honor it with a whole new category dedicated to the resurgence of music and rhythm games, where music played more than just a background role. . The beat and the rhythm were literally part of the gameplay. Harmonix is ​​back with a music mixing phenomenon FUSION. Kingdom Hearts got a whole new chapter in the form of a rhythm drummer. And No straight roads took over the EDM empire. Here are the PlayStation LifeStyle nominations for the best music / rhythm game of 2020.

Winner of the best rhythm / music game 2020


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If there is one developer who has espoused this whole genre over the years, it’s Harmonix. Their latest return to the console rhythm game doesn’t require any large plastic instruments; just a controller and the possibility of enjoying a good mix. Rather than making players achieve perfection note by note, FUSION is a game that lets you create. The innovative music mixing software can make even the most rudimentary mixes sound, and with continuous additions of DLC songs and a full social suite that lets players share their mixes, it’s a new kind of rhythm game like us. do not have any. seen from the Guitar hero and Rock band days.

Readers’ Choice Winner

Sackboy: a great adventure

While it might not be exactly a rhythm game, Sackboy’s the music was so ingrained in the gameplay that it effectively becomes a musical game in its own right. Special levels in each world set the beat of the environment to the beat of a licensed song, a pleasant surprise every time you come across one. Even outside of the music levels that get your head and body rocking, the entire game’s soundtrack blends into the experience in a way few other games can.

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