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Wednesday Baltimore Indie Legends beach house landed at the Eastern in Atlanta for one of the dreamiest nights in recent memory. Despite having one of the longest and most consistent careers in indie rock, the band still felt slightly underappreciated in mainstream spheres a few years ago – they finally broke through in a massive way thanks to the incredible spread from their 2015 single “Space”. Song” on TikTok, as well as the 2022 release of the critically acclaimed double album once twice melody. Beach House is indeed a big deal now, and it’s been a long time since the duo of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally came along; they’re now in big print at festivals like Life Is Beautiful alongside names like Lorde and Jack Harlow, and I showed up at The Eastern on Wednesday to read a sign that simply read, “VERY SOLD OUT.” The modern architecture of the Eastern with its amphitheater-style seating extending to the top illustrated a simple truth: this room was fucking packed. For some reason I hadn’t thought of that beach house were the type of band that could attract an audience of this size – based on previous experiences seeing them, they’re not necessarily a tame band, but their dreamy, atmospheric sound is a bit at odds with the typical experience of today’s popular indie music; Legrand and Scally (and longtime drummer James Barone) tend to stay in the background and let their music take over the crowd instead of creating a super engaging environment.

That wasn’t the case in Atlanta on Wednesday. the beach house which took the stage that night was a visceral, enveloping experience that blew viewers off their feet. Opening with the title track of their new album and then with the crowd favorite “Lazuli” from 2012 Flowering was a one-two punch for the ages, and they had the crowd in the palm of their hand for the rest of the night. The setlist has worked its way through their discography dating back to the 2010s teenage dream, illustrating that they might be one of the greatest “Greatest Hits” bands of their generation. Every song they played was an essential track that everyone knew, and their sound was downright thunderous on songs like “Dark Spring” (with a crazy strobe and starburst show) and “Pink Funeral.” The songs of WORD were rapturously received alongside singles from their past discography, and the production that matched the sound was equally impressive – strobes, projections and intense haze all acted in perfect harmony to create an engrossing and mesmerizing experience. beach house is here to completely grab your attention, and it’s clear that their move to A-Lister status is not only warranted, but they’re completely ready for the moment ahead. Check out our photos from the night below:

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