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Imagine writing letters meant to be sent to your loved one, but they end up getting archived. When you read them after a long time, you are forced to revisit the emotions that were hidden in the letters. This is the essence of Anwesshaa’s latest single “Adure Chithhi” and this song is nothing but a collection of fond memories. The beautiful track weaves experiences of romance, affection, joy, vulnerability and their connection to Mother Nature. Interestingly, this melodious song was written, composed and sung by Anwesshaa herself.

The music video was partly filmed in New York with budding young actors Roshni Singh and Adam Shaukat. Roshni is doing his Masters in International Affairs at The New School and Adam is in his final year of MFA at the most prestigious acting school in the world, the Yale School of Drama. What makes this clip somewhat unique is that the lyrics of the Bengali song are translated and explained to two young American-born actors. They interpret and transmit the nuances according to their understanding and appropriate the song. The music video was conceptualized by creative director Jonai Singh.

Sharing more details about her latest song, Anwesshaa said, “When Jonai di approached me for this collaboration, I was more than happy as I was associated as a singer, songwriter and songwriter. Her label of music, JSE Music was born with an intention to release independent music and it is very stimulating for the artists of this time. She wanted a song in my style and I made a song in a genre in which I feel home. The piano dominates in both the audio and the video. And that brings me to the beautiful music video we shot for the song. Parts of it were shot in New York and this combination will be a visual treat, I think. I’m looking forward to the release now.

Meanwhile, Jonai Singh is equally happy for the song as she explains, “Anwesshaa was presented beautifully on a grand piano as a performer in a candlelight concert. As a Prabasi Bengali, New York is as much a home to me as Kolkata. Although this Prabasi had made the trip from the Hooghly to the Hudson, I could not leave the bridge behind me. In this music video, the romance begins on the historic Brooklyn Bridge. I had to convey my Bangla sensibility of the lyrics to Roshni and Adam in their lingo, so that they could grasp it and represent it as sincerely as possible. Their intrinsic understanding of it gives a freshness to the creative process.

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