Animal Set: Melody Thomas Scott and Reilly


“Reilly is now 8 years old, she was 1 or 2 when I adopted her. He is a mixed terrier. A mutt!”

Please share how you found Reilly. And how did you know it was meant for your home? “[My husband] Edward [Scott] had gone to the South Central Animal Shelter to scout locations for a remote sequence for THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL [where he serves as supervising producer]. He was to leave the next day and he asked me to accompany him. “No, thank you,” I said. ‘Safe driving. See you when you come back. Then he told me he saw a dog there that he thought I might want to see. I immediately jumped in the car! When we arrived, we learned that the dog Edward had seen the day before had already been adopted. While browsing the cages, I came across this little furless, skinless, and boneless thing. The moment our eyes met, we started a “conversation with the eyes” that hasn’t stopped yet! She seemed to understand everything I said to her. His eyes were begging, ‘Please, please take me home! I’ll be a nice girl and I won’t cause any problems. The rest is history and she kept her word!

How did you come up with the name Reilly? “The day we found her was St. Patrick’s Day. In keeping with our Irish luck, we wanted to give it an Irish name.

Do you know what other breeds Reilly is made up of? “I actually sent in one of these DNA tests and they said she was a Basset Hound!”

What aspects of Reilly’s personality do you love? “Well, in short, she follows me everywhere, is always by my side or at my feet. She sleeps with me, fiercely protects me, and has kept her promise to be the best and most loyal dog in the world.

Were there any early challenges after Reilly’s return? “When we went to his first vet appointment, he told me that stress can cause a dog to lose hair. He assured me that with a little love and regular feedings, she would regrow her fur and fill out. He was absolutely right!”

So would you say you’re Reilly’s favorite human? “Most definitely! We adore each other.

How do you spoil Reilly? “Reilly eats food prepared by The Farmer’s Dog. It’s a bit pricey but she loves it and it’s automatically delivered to our porch. Very convenient. She also likes fresh chicken or string cheese as special treats. She doesn’t seem to care much about other dogs, so playdates are over. I don’t really approve of dressing animals, so unless it’s raining and she needs a raincoat, I’ll let her have her dignity!

How is Reilly with other professionals like the vet or groomer? “Don’t care about either of them. Seriously, she’s only happy when she’s home with me!

Courtesy of Melody Thomas Scott


Courtesy of Melody Thomas Scott


Courtesy of Melody Thomas Scott


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