Add 90s melody flavor to today’s music


Humanity has known uncertainty in the recent past and has lived on a knife edge for the past three years. Yet we yearn for peace, harmony and love. 2022 will be marked as the beginning of a new era, like the beautiful dawn after a long cold night.

To celebrate this joy of freedom, Kausani Ghosh has released a new bilingual song “Do Naina Mere”, in which she expresses her feelings of complete freedom to travel, freedom to explore new frontiers, freedom to express her compassion. while remaining in the lap of nature and in search of true love.

“Do Naina Mere” is a new rendition of Kausani’s teenage Bengali song, which she sang nearly 12 years ago when she was a rising artist. She said she misses the flavor of ’90s melody in music today.

To revamp her childhood nostalgia, Kausani created this new version, where she made major changes in the composition of the melody to spice up her song, which will appeal to today’s young people and also introduced new lyrics in Hindi written by Abhishek Kundu.

The entire video was captured in Nilgiri Hills, Ooty, Tamil Nadu, showcasing mesmerizing scenic views that complement the music video. She believes this song will spread love among young people and encourage them to live and enjoy every moment, thus promoting positivity and happiness in our social life.

The song, available on Kausani Ghosh’s official “YouTube” artist channel, is also streaming on all major platforms. Listeners can follow the link to enjoy his beautiful music video.


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