A pleasant melody in the voice of Arijit Singh to start a beautiful friendship


Harshavardhan Kulkarni’s Badhaai Do will offer a look at the complexities of living as an LGBTQ+ individual in an extremely conservative Indian setting.

The film stars Rajkummar Rao and Bhumi Pednekar as two gay men who enter into a mutually beneficial marriage to maintain claims for society.

This relationship is sustained by mutual friendship and an understanding of each other’s difficulties, reflected in Amit Trivedi’s composition ‘Atak Gaya’.

The song revolves around the characters of Rajkummar Rao and Pednekar, married to each other and yet independent, maintaining the front for the rest of the world.

As Pednekar’s character explores the freedom of a relationship away from home, Rajkummar Rao also finds the burden lifted. Their friendship, struggles and insecurities add to the emotional context of the song.

Written by Varun Grover, the lyrics are a great example of his ability to blend Hindi and English without sounding contrived or forced. It helps that the composition is constructed to give Arijit Singh’s vocals and Grover’s lyrics maximum space and effect. Arijit Singh once again delivers without a ton of embellishment, with a nice simple style.

Amit Trivedi’s composition is another proof of his versatility. With a pleasant rhythm and a wonderful mix of percussion and strings, the song moves at an easy pace. There are no lifts or sudden jerks to alter the tempo, which plays on the emotional nuance of the scenes and lyrics. The tempo reflects the calm in the lives of two individuals who discover each other as allies while exploring the truth about their own lives.

Badhaai Do was produced by Junglee Films and will be released in theaters on February 11. Watch the song ‘Atak Gaya’ below and let us know if you want to watch this movie.


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