VR BEAT ARENA rhythm game worldwide launches on Oculus Quest and Quest 2 – GeekTyrant

At Gamescom 2021, Konami announced that its VR group performance game Beat the arena is now available worldwide on Oculus Quest and Quest 2 with an additional version on Steam VR coming soon.

In the game, you are part of a band and play drums, guitar, keyboard or bass in a rhythm game to a ton of fun songs. Beat the arena features asynchronous multiplayer, avatar customization, and even a replay mode to review and share performance.

With the worldwide release, 10 new songs with English lyrics were added to the game, bringing the total number of songs to 41. Here is the full list:

  • Accord – BEMANI Sound Team “HuΣeR” feat.Fernweh


  • Cajuput – BEMANI Sound Team “Yvya”

  • * NEW * BLACK JACKAL (GITADORA Style) – Akira Complex with BEMANI Sound Team

  • * NEW * Brazilian Anthem – Berimbau ’66

  • Clowing Folly – KanadeYUK

  • * NEW * DEADMAN BED – Rotten Blotch

  • Drastic your dream – Ryo Shirasawa feat. Mizuho Yasuda

  • DREAM !! – Tokimeki Idol Project

  • Big snail – NECOMATA MODIFY SALVATION feat. Hinata Shishido

  • * NEW * Fly Far Bounce – Nekomata_master (GITADOROCK by Mutsuhiko Izumi)

  • * NEW * Fuego -EDITION GITADORA- – BEMANI Sound Team “Yvya”

  • Just Believe – Kanako Kotera

  • LEMON & SALT – Hideyuki Ono × 96 × Yoshihiko Koezuka

  • * NEW * Mannequin – Sis Bond Chit

  • Murmur Twins (pop guitar ver.) – yu_tokiwa.djw merges scl.gtr

  • Raspberry – Yoshihiko Koezuka

  • * NEW * Reach for the stars – serena

  • Real -Size L No Yume- – MAKI

  • * NEW * SEA ANEMONES – Jimmy Weckl

  • Sweet Feelin ‘- Honey Latte

  • * NEW * Take My Hand – Maria Eva with Dream Swing Kingdom

  • TAKE YOU AWAY – SHIN feat.MiA & BEMANI Sound Team “asaki”

  • Quilt – Des-Sana + wpt9

  • * NEW * green leaf syndrome – red glasses feat. ok satoshi

  • Gensouka – Kanako Hoshino

  • Hatashijou – ATSUMI UEDA

  • Black Hole – Megumi Tatsumi presented by Hiroaki Sano

  • Peppermint Wa Watashi No Teki – Yu Tokiwa

  • Hoshihuri – Sana

  • Hane Naki Shojo Uta – Junjou Discord (Innocent Discord)

  • Kikagakuteki Trickster – DJ Genki feat. SHIN by HYPERNOVA with Mitsuyo

  • Mikeneko Rock’n Roll – MAJISKA

  • Shonen Ripples – Yu Tokiwa

  • Jousou’s dystopia – mami

  • Fuurin Hanabi – BEMANI Sound Team “Gekidan Record” with Yura Mari

  • Matenrou No Tokuiten〜Anti; HERO – Junjou Discord (Innocent Discord)

  • Yume Ni Tsuite TYPE C – feat Hideyuki Ono. Hiromi okamoto

  • Koi No Melody – SARAH

  • Rin To Shite Saku Hana No Gotoku – BENIIRO RITOMASU

  • Oboro – GITADOROCK by Yamato

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Approach Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice because a rhythm game could change your mind about this brutal genre

When you hear talk Sekiro, you are probably thinking of From Software, the makers of the notoriously difficult game Dark souls franchise. Although the term “soul-like” is used more times than you would die in a Dark souls game, it is actually not a genre used to describe Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. In reality, Sekiro is more of a rhythm game like Dance Dance Revolution wrapped in feudal Japanese skin rather than a traditional action role-playing game like Dark souls.

First and foremost, what defines “like souls”? While definitions may vary from person to person, soul-like games contain some very challenging gameplay elements from powerful enemies and sparse checkpoints. They also punish players by dropping all of their souls when they die with a chance to get it back, otherwise they will be lost forever.

However, Sekiro departs from the traditional titles of its creators as it lacks many RPG elements that its predecessors contained. While previous Soulsborne games allowed you to seek souls to improve your stats or have exploitable cheese layers, Sekiro forces you with a limited “upgrade” path and requires you to legitimately fight bosses. The game also limits you to wearing a single outfit and wielding a weapon for the entire game, depriving you of any variety of build or character customization. Although you will lose half of your uncashed experience points and money when you die in Sekiro, there is no element of souls at all. This all makes sense because none of these game elements are relevant to mastering a rhythm game!

Instead of, Sekiro introduces an arsenal of shinobi arts, such as a slash or mikiri counter, to vary your playstyle. SekiroThe gameplay comes down to feeling the ebb and flow of your enemy. You have a posture bar that will fill up and ultimately leave you vulnerable to stab wounds from your enemy. To maintain your posture, you must learn the pattern of strokes and sweeps to react accordingly. Perfect Blocks will alert you with a distinct clicking sound that doesn’t raise your posture bar at all. Unblockable attacks should be avoided by jumping or countering with your shinobi arts.

Let’s take a look at the basic rhythm game design principles. Rhythm games tend to favor simplicity over complexity. Games like Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution restrict players to a limited input range, such as button presses and directional steps. Perhaps the most crucial aspect of a rhythm game is the feedback and flow. There is usually a visual or audio cue for the player to notify them of upcoming actions they need to take. When a player actually enters an action, they should receive responsive feedback. Without feedback, the action can seem unrewarded and thus fuel an unresponsive gameplay loop. Identifying the flow is also imperative when playing a rhythm game, as games like this depend on the player finding their inner sense of rhythm. Additionally, rhythm games tend to offer various musical genres and difficulty levels, where complex songs are perfected by learning and practicing.


So how is it exactly Sekiro even comparable to a rhythm game? Instead of music, it uses animations to define its difficulty. For the most part, it only takes two buttons to defeat enemies, deflect, and jump. The shinobi arts arsenal that must be entered acts as the added difficulty of the diagonal directional entries of a DDR game or multi-button press of a Guitar Hero Game. This is analogous to the concept of simplicity for traditional rhythm games.

In fact, it all comes down to a press of a precisely timed button to respond to what you see on the screen. Most attacks are telegraphed in advance, and visual cues, with a perfect, deflect the reward and alert you with a separate audio cue, comparable to the feedback principle. Every movement of an enemy has a visual and audio signal that is reminiscent of the melody of a song. Musical variety and difficulty levels are translated into Sekiro via different types of enemies and boss fights, where success in a demanding boss fight is achieved by learning and training.


Suppose it still doesn’t convince you that Sekiro plays more like a rhythm game than a traditional action RPG. In this case, you should know that an enemy’s health bar doesn’t matter, as each of your attacks deals a ridiculously tiny amount of damage. Also notice how Sekiro is more reactive than proactive, where the emphasis is more on defense than attack. The key to defeating a boss is filling their stance bar and can only be done through the aforementioned flow of perfect blocking and counterattacking. Once their stance bar is full, the enemy will be staggered and vulnerable to your finishing song. I mean stab.

Deflect, attack, jump, deflect, counter, deflect, repeat. Master the flow of the sword dance, and the victory will be yours. As Isshin once said: hesitation is defeat!

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Ben Lovett, composer of “The Night House” on using “Negative Harmony” for a disturbing horror score

As “The Night House” unfolds and viewers watch the widow of a suicide victim slowly unveil her dark past, it’s the chilling, atmospheric music from composer Ben Lovett that keeps us going – a score which began long before director David Bruckner started filming on a lake in upstate New York.

Lovett and Bruckner are former college buddies at the University of Georgia, and as soon as they finished working on “The Ritual” in 2017, Bruckner sent in a script that immediately inspired the composer.

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“The Night House” is no ordinary horror film. The film’s central character, Beth (Rebecca Hall) has visions that force her to delve into her late husband’s eerie obsessions, which involve mirror images, inverted architectural floor plans, relationships with women who look like him, etc.

“So you start to think about melody inversions and negative space, and the idea of ​​focusing on the sound between the notes instead of just the notes themselves,” Lovett explains. “There was so much in the script, it was just an interesting thing to explore, musically.”

Lovett began sending music to Bruckner while filming “Night House,” and eventually visited the set near Syracuse, NY, which served as further inspiration. “The idea that the water of the lake is this cloudy and unstable presence, then constantly agitated by external forces, which seemed to reflect this state of anxiety in which the character is constantly…. Even when a lake looks calm, it never quite is.

He translated this into an eerie soundscape that was part acoustic musicians, part synthesized sound. “Music was modulating with its various states of manic anxiety,” Lovett says, “and that led to synthesizers, but also to taking acoustic instruments and taking them apart and putting them through things that could transform them. in unrecognizable sounds. “

So while much of the score for “Night House” is textual rather than melodic, it is also partially rooted in a song that reappears throughout the film. Richard and Linda Thompson’s 1974 “Calvary Cross” first appears in the couple’s wedding video, then returns, discordantly, throughout the film.

Lovett took his three chords and converted them through a concept in music theory called “negative harmony” into “a phantom version” of the original. “This music defined her marriage, and the loss upset and reversed it in a darker context,” he says.

While many of the sounds were created by Lovett in his studio in 2019, prior to the film’s Sundance debut in 2020, he employed a 35-piece string orchestra and quirky percussion sounds from LA’s top percussionist, MB Gordy. . Seventy of the film’s 108 minutes are counted, and Lovett’s description of the film’s opening as “a cloud of dissonance” is apt.

Upcoming for the composer are “The Old Ways” (next week on Netflix), also a horror film but starring traditional Mexican folk instruments, and “Broadcast Signal Intrusion,” a 1970s-style conspiracy thriller. .

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Lorde review, Solar Power: disappointing melody, detached and bleached in the sun

“Come on and let the happiness begin”, chants Lorde on the title track of her third album. “Blink your eyes three times when you feel it start.” Alas, I’ve had this collection of Hippie Heat Mist Noodles on repeat for a few days now, and I’m still waiting for the promised sonic effect. In fact, I’m still waiting for more than one or two discernible songs.

The disappointment of Solar energy feels intense, because Lorde, real name Ella Yelich O’Connor, had set the bar so high that David Bowie thought she was “the future of music”. The New Zealander was only 16 when she first appeared on the pop scene in 2013, like a fluorescent light. His first album, Pure heroine was the work of an artist who had no interest in flattering emotions. Instead, Lorde used her unique and exciting manipulation of synths and vocal harmonies to shine harsh beams on messy truths. It was a mission she pursued with the raw exploration of “the terror and the horror of wondering why we bother” on her second album. Melodrama (2017).

Corn Solar energy finds Lorde trading her trademark franchise for a melodyless detachment. Instead of finding fresh new sounds, producer Jack Antonoff helped her filter out the trippy beach vibes of the 1960s through her love of early hits from the Noughties of S Club 7 and Robbie Williams. There’s a nod to George Michael’s “Faith” (1987) in the stubble and booty-shaker beat of the title track, and a sleepy nod to Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” (2010) on “California”, with its farewell to “all bottles, all models” and slightly Tori Amos-ish falsetto jump into the chorus. There’s a little Natalie Imbruglia breeze in the driving time bop of “Secrets from a Girl (Who’s Seen it All)”. The slap of the palm of the bongos echoes through “Oceanic Feeling”, arousing sweet memories of All Saints’ “Pure Shores” (2000), but lacking the tidal momentum of the old tune.

Interviewed by The New York TimesLorde says she’s spent years tweaking the vibe of a psychedelic summer to make “a great weed album.” She clearly had fun sampling waves and cicadas on her phone and recruiting Phoebe Bridgers and Clairo to add floating layers of sweet harmony. There are groovy flutes and a crackling tambourine. Despite her long-standing hatred for guitars, she earned an ace when fellow New Zealander Neil Finn left her 1965 Fender Jaguar “Lake Placid Blue” in her studio for her. Producer Jack Antonoff gives the vintage guitar a delightfully cool, smooth sound: like a Hockney pool. But he lets it splash around without really delivering any memorable hooks – until you tune it like a water feature in a hotel lobby. He pours aimless arpeggios on “Stoned at the Nail Salon” as Lorde sighs for the songs she loved at 16 and sounds like she already misses the one she sang. This is one of the many songs whose melody is discolored by the sun.

Throughout the record, Lorde says she delivers an “extreme satire” of modern wellness cults of the kind that she and her friends find appealing. In the video for “Mood Ring”, she dresses in a blonde wig – à la Gwyneth Paltrow – and participates in a variety of Goopy hobbies like cute pebble patterns clad in designer silk. In a panting voice, she sings about how the Searing Sage and Cleansing Crystals “can’t seem to fix my mood / Today it’s as dark as my roots.” But the voice lacks the bite of satirical conviction or the weight of real grief.

Lorde has often spoken of wanting to make music like Joni Mitchell. Solar energy looks like his vision for the 21st century The hissing of summer lawns, the 1975 classic in which Mitchell explored the dark undersides of privileged California suburban lives. But where Mitchell has spoken of deep desperation in her stories of rich women hiding “spiritual darkness with a cheerful mask,” Lorde is content to float on her lovely pastichey soundscape without really connecting. More lack than happiness.

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Aquarius people need to maintain harmony; Know the other signs

RAM – All the thoughtful works will be completed today thanks to which the spirit will be extremely happy. On the other hand, mental problems will also be gradually resolved. Your work in the office will be appreciated, so there is a possibility of promotion. The path to progress will be visible in the future. There is a possibility of profit in business as a thought. Young people need to be mindful of their company, negative people will try to ruin your reputation at this time. If there are any problems with the ears, be aware of them today. Do not make an important decision until after a discussion with your father. You may have plans for changes in the house.

Taurus – The combination of communication and luck will bring positive results today, so be humble. Avoid big investments or planning for the future. On the other hand, the day will be normal at the workplace. If you have an opportunity for a new project, don’t pass it up. Retailers need to offer deals to attract their customers. Special attention should also be paid to publicity while taking note of upcoming festivals. On the health side, stay vigilant against coughs and colds. Avoid consuming cold things. The position of the planets can cause a sudden deterioration in your mother’s health.

Gemini – Maintain harmony with everyone today, there should be no bitterness in the relationship. Hard work will open the doors of progress efforts. So, you have to make some effort in this regard. You will also benefit from the full cooperation of your colleagues. If there is an estrangement in the partnership, then the matter should be settled in a pleasant atmosphere. The day will be meaningful for young people, the focus should be kept on important tasks. Students will receive good news. The immune system can be weak in health, you will feel tired due to the weakness. There is a possibility of having unpleasant news from the mother’s side. Now is the right time to invest in land.

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Cancer – Do not bring the problems to the physical and mental level, be patient because gradually all the work will be done. The blocked money can be refunded. If you’ve loaned someone money, get it back today. The social image must be maintained, keep in touch with everyone for this. You will get the support of your boss and father, advice can be received from them on important matters. Chronic illnesses can cause health problems, but don’t let unfamiliar fear in your mind. Your spouse will help you in difficulties, share your heart with them.

Leo – Work will increase today. You will be mentally busy because of the same. There will be success in official work, as well as strong relationships with the boss, senior officials, seniors and colleagues. Business related planning will prove beneficial, there is a possibility of increased income. The young must live in the company of his older brother. Students will easily solve problems regarding studies. Patients with high BP should be a little careful about their health. Religious activities can be planned in the house. On the other hand, there are all possibilities to get relief from past inner problems.

Virgin – You can take advantage of the hard work of the past today. People engaged in social works will need to increase public relations. The boss can take the details of the official work, you have to be ready for it. Those who do business need to be in control of their speech as people, as unwarranted statements can lead to disputes with big clients. Youth should not judge present success with the future. Eat coarse grains and drink more water. Spend time with your grandfather and if he is unfortunately no longer there, remember him and pay tribute to him. There will be an increase in the comforts of home, you can buy electronic items.

Balance – You will have to do everything to make gains today. People working in software companies will have more workload. It is a good day for people doing research-related work. The day promises to be normal for businessmen as no major changes seem to be happening. Young people will have opportunities, but consult your elders before accepting them. The knowledge of the students is not lacking. If you are taking any medicines due to any illness, you should check their expiry date before using them today. The family atmosphere will be joyful.

Scorpio – The mind may remain somewhat distracted today, so remember the Almighty and all will be well by his grace. Employees may be under pressure due to incomplete work. In such a situation, you can supplement them with the help of colleagues. There is a possibility of big profits in the drug business. You can get a big deal, but you have to give your best to make it happen. It is necessary to control high BP, otherwise you will have to worry about your health throughout the day. If there hasn’t been a conversation with friends lately, take the time to talk to them.

Sagittarius – Worship shrihari today, it will be extremely good if you give him candy. Negative thoughts can increase your risk of loss, so don’t let your spirits falter. You will need to work very smart in the office, keep in mind that there should be no ego conflict with a coworker. The business class can face legal issues. The day is normal as far as health is concerned. Favorite dishes should be eaten with pleasure. Conditions will be normal in the family. There will be an improvement in the health of your father and older brother.

Capricorn – You have to think of all things practically both of the mind and of the soul. Be active on social media and over the phone to make new contacts. You can successfully complete official work. You also need to build a good relationship with your boss while making sure there are no communication issues. The business class should start planning finances now. Young people will be very active on social networks. There may be a problem in the throat as far as health is concerned. If the problem has been around for a long time, don’t ignore it. Say evening prayers at home. You also need to feed the animals.

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Aquarius – The level of responsibility and anger can be high today, so it is advisable to maintain harmony with the partner. Good official news can be received. Business class will be able to make good profits from large customers, so keep in touch with them regularly. Students, who study online, can get more homework from school. When it comes to health, old illnesses can confuse you. Spend more time with your grandparents, serving them should be seen as divine. There is a possibility that your spouse’s health will deteriorate, especially due to headaches.

Pisces – There is a strong possibility of getting rid of old tensions today. There is also debt relief and loans. Do not have any kind of conflict with an office colleague, her current happiness will bring you progress. If you are planning to buy more products in business, now is a suitable day. Those who get sick early should take care of their health as negative planets can infect them. Take care of younger siblings and their company. There is a possibility of growth in the clan.

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Novices Can Treat Rhythm As Well As Professional Musicians: New Study

New Delhi: People without any musical training might have a sense of rhythm comparable to that of professional musicians, in large part due to “dense neural connections in specific regions of the brain,” a new study has found, according to The Hindu.

With the study, conducted by scientists from the National Brain Research Center (NBRC) in Manesar and Symbiosis International in Pune, the scientists wanted to test whether connectivity in the brain and certain brain structures is “either minimal or absent” in patients. non-musicians and whether progressively higher musical training influenced the “density or degree of connectivity” between certain regions of the brain.

Scientists have been curious as to whether musical ability is inherent and, if so, to what extent. According to The Hindu, it is interesting to study whether musical ability is influenced by training, and which regions of the brain are most activated when perceiving musical elements such as rhythm and pitch.

The report states that previous studies have shown that 15 months of early childhood music training results in “long-term changes in the structure of the brain” and that this differs from typical brain development. Other studies have shown that musical ability is also influenced by the neuroanatomy of the brain and even by certain genes.

To test connectivity in the brain and certain brain structures, Nandini Chatterjee Singh, the neuroscientist who runs the Language Literacy and Music Laboratory at the NBRC, recruited 27 college graduates with varying degrees of music training. They ranged from non-musicians to professionals.

They took the Profile of Music Perception skill test, a standardized computer test that has been used in research to test listeners’ abilities to discern changes in rhythm, pitch, accent and melody. The Hindu said participants’ scores have been assessed and brain imaging data has been collected.

“What we found was that non-musicians performed as well as musicians trained in rhythm processing tasks because of the way the brain is connected,” Singh said. The Hindu. “So there are musicians hidden – or asleep – among us. However, these findings were specific to rhythm. The researchers found no strong trends in the perception of ground, on the other hand.

According to Singh, rhythmic processing abilities were not significantly influenced by connections within the right and left hemispheres of the brain, but rather by “the strength of the connections between the two hemispheres.”

“Connection density in the right posterior cingulate cortex, a region that acted as the hub of connectivity between the two halves of the brain, was strongly related to participants’ overall scores. ” The Hindu reported.

The study was accepted for publication in the peer-reviewed journal European Journal of Neuroscience. Besides Singh, Archith Rajan, Apurva Shah and Madhura Ingalhalikar also participated in the study.

Singh said The Hindu that their discovery – that the perception of rhythm is engraved in the brain – has underlined its importance for “language processing”, and that it opens up new avenues of inquiry into autism, musical skills and use possible music therapy for physiological care and rehabilitation.

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Dare Melody, Rehoboth, others for ‘Night of Divine Experience’

Gospel singers, Evangelist Dare Melody, Moses Harmony, Lady Evangelist Kemi Rehoboth, Ewa Kristi, Vanessa Selika Gold among others are set to lift souls at the gospel and prayer concert titled “Night of Divine Experience “scheduled for August 18, -20.

The event which is the 3rd edition, which will also feature the ministry of notable clerics, Prophet Sam Ojo, Pastor (Ms.) Seyi Bakare, is hosted by New Seraph Church Founder, Prophetess Oluwaseye Yomi Sholoye .

According to Sholoye, the three-day program will begin on August 18, while the grand finale will take place on August 20. She added that the program will also include prayers and counseling and that everything is expected to accommodate around 50,000 people at New Seraph. Prayer Town – Km 60, Lagos / Ibadan Highway, Ode Remo, Ogun State.

“It is time that we started to do his will, to live properly, to follow his paths. Thus, when our end comes, we would have explored our last chance for the benefit of our salvation and the glory of Christ Jesus. We are therefore convinced that this program will win more souls for Christ, ”she added.


We haven’t had a water supply for months – Abeokuta residents

Despite the huge investment by government and international organizations in the water sector, water scarcity has become a permanent nightmare for the residents of Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State. This report x-rays the lives and experiences of residents to get clean, safe, and affordable water amid the wave of COVID-19 cases in the state …

Selfies, video calls and Chinese documentaries: what you will encounter on the Lagos-Ibadan train

The Lagos-Ibadan Railway was recently inaugurated for a fully paid operation by the Nigerian Railway Corporation after about a year of free trial. Our journalist joined the Lagos return train from Ibadan and recounts his experience in this report …

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Neural connectivity of the brain shapes the sense of musical rhythm

A sense of rhythm, integral to musicality, may also be developed even in those with minimal or no training in music and may be largely due to dense neural connections in specific regions of the brain, study finds. conducted by scientists from the National Brain Research Center (NBRC), Manesar and Symbiosis International, Pune.

The extent to which musical ability is inherent, the extent to which it is influenced by training, and which regions of the brain are most activated when perceiving musical elements such as rhythm and pitch are areas of concern. dynamic research. Studies have shown, for example, that at least 15 months of early childhood music training results in long-term changes in brain structure that deviate from typical brain development.

Other studies have shown that the brain’s neuroanatomy plays an important role, and still others have even linked certain genes. For example, the gene (GATA2) that regulates the development of cochlear hair cells and the structures involved in sound perception in the auditory pathway have been associated with individual differences in the processing and perception of music.

Key question

For Nandini Chatterjee Singh, a neuroscientist who heads the Language Literacy and Music Laboratory at the NBRC, the question was whether connectivity in the brain and certain brain structures were minimal or absent in non-musicians, and whether progressively more musical training high influenced density. or degree of connectivity between certain regions of the brain.

Profiling musical skills

To test this, she and her collaborators Archith Rajan, Apurva Shah and Madhura Ingalhalikar recruited 27 college graduates – 13 women – with varying degrees of musical training ranging from non-musicians to professionals and assessed them on a test called musical perception. This standardized computer test, since 2012, has been used in research to test the listener’s abilities to discern changes in rhythm, pitch, accent and melody. Their scores were assessed with brain imaging data from all participants.

“What we found was that non-musicians performed as well as musicians trained in rhythm processing tasks because of the way the brain is connected. So there are hidden – or sleeping – musicians among us, ”Singh said. The Hindu, “But it was only rhythm specific and we didn’t find any strong patterns in height perception.”

Rather than connections in the right and left hemispheres of the brain, it was the strength of the connections between the two hemispheres of the brain that significantly influenced rhythmic processing abilities. Connection density in the right posterior cingulate cortex, a region that acted as the hub of connectivity between the two halves of the brain, was strongly related to participants’ overall scores. The study was accepted for publication in the peer-reviewed journal European Journal of Neuroscience.

Importance of rhythm

The fact that the perception of rhythm is so strongly marked in the brain underscored its importance for language processing and opened up avenues of research in several areas of research, including autism, musical skills as well as the use of music. music therapy for a variety of physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercises. Singh added.

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DMK government plans to enforce new law to protect community harmony

Chennai: With incidents of community distrust surfacing and taking a toll on societal harmony, the state government is considering new law to protect community harmony in the state.

A Catholic priest, Father George Ponniah, was convicted by the Tamil Nadu police of hate speech in Kanyakumari in a public ceremony on July 18 in which he made derogatory remarks against “Bharat Mata” and the Hindu religion. After a complaint was filed by the state’s BJP, Arumanai police sentenced him under various sections of the Indian Penal Code. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Kuzhithurai condemned the priest’s speech and distanced itself from him.

After an idol of Lord Vinayaka was found on Monday by a few criminals on barren land in Tiruchengode near a Catholic church, police intervened and removed the idol. This led to the shouting of slogans and the throwing of stones, but the immediate intervention of the police and the taking into custody of around 20 people caused the situation to falter.

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With such incidents coming up in the state, the chairman of the Tamil Nadu State Minorities Commission, Peter Alphonse, has suggested that the government pass a new law to protect community harmony.

The chairman of the committee on minorities also said the new law would be a model for the rest of the country and called on the government to immediately adopt legislation in this area.

Peter Alphonse’s suggestion is being taken seriously by the state government and the Chief Minister, MK Stalin, has ordered the state legal department to investigate all aspects immediately and report back to them within a few days.

While the legislation may not be discussed in the state assembly’s budget session from August 13, the chief minister’s seriousness is a clear indicator that the government would pass such legislation in the coming months.

Tamil Nadu’s chief minister announced an ambitious plan to invest Rs 1,000,000 crore in the state and make it South Asia’s largest investment destination. With such an ambitious plan in mind, the chief minister, according to DMK sources, wants to put in place legislation to prevent any communal skirmishes in the state, thereby diverting the investment the state had planned.

Justice Minister S Raghupathy told IANS: “The government is actually considering such a proposal. We are studying all aspects of it and a decision will be made.

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Harmony equips its offbeat retro Silhouette model with a Bigsby vibrato

Harmony has unveiled a Bigsby-equipped version of its Silhouette. A super cool retro-inspired shift electric guitar Equipped with gold leaf mini-humbuckers, a nitrocellulose finish and American-made, the silhouette represents the epitome of high-end pawnshop kitsch.

Now with a Bigsby B5 tremolo, the Silhouette’s cut positively oozes vintage mojo. Heck, many have already been sold with the custom cupcake volume and tone controls, but look aside, this is a guitar of substance.

The Silhouette with Bigsby is available in a choice of Slate, Burgundy, and Space Black finishes, and has an alder body with a maple neck that is attached to the body with a three-bolt joint. It has an ebony fingerboard with a 12 “radius, 22 medium-jumbo frets, and a 25” scale length which gives it a sort of mid-range feel.

Image 1 of 4

Bigsby Silhouette Harmony

(Image credit: Harmony)
Image 2 of 4

Bigsby Silhouette Harmony

(Image credit: Harmony)
Image 3 of 4

Bigsby Silhouette Harmony

(Image credit: Harmony)
Image 4 of 4

Bigsby Silhouette Harmony

(Image credit: Harmony)

The Bigsby is complemented by a three-saddle ashtray-style coupe bridge and there is a set of locking tuners to help keep the oscillation under control.

In addition to what’s already a considerably stacked spec, we have a control circuit with orange drop-off capacitors, so when you turn those cupcake controls there should be a nice, defined taper.

Shipped in a MONO Vertigo electric guitar case, the Silhouette with Bigsby is available now, priced at £ / $ 1,549.

See Harmony for more details.

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