Mario Duplantier from Gojira on the band’s new album, Fortitude

By August Billy

We discover what the seventh LP of the French metal group has in store for us.

French progressive metal band Gojira recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of their debut album, Unknown land. Influenced by Hindu mythology and written by a lonely, tech-savvy death metal fan, you probably wouldn’t have guessed it Unknown land would mark the start of one of modern metal’s greatest achievements.

But Gojira’s popularity grew with each successive album release, even as they moved away from their death metal origins to incorporate more dynamic arrangements and melodious vocals. The group’s seventh album is a testament to Gojira’s continued artistic evolution and bears the appropriate title, Courage.

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The new album comes nearly five years after the band’s sixth LP, Magma, which was not only Gojira’s most accessible album to date, but also had the strongest commercial impact, reaching No. 11 on the ARIA charts and No. 24 in the UK and US.

The gap between Magma and Courage was longer than the one between all of Gojira’s previous albums. Meanwhile, guitarist and singer Joe Duplantier (the former technophobe) and his brother, drummer Mario Duplantier, spent a year and a half writing new tracks and a year recording. Courage.

“The stature of the group is bigger and we wanted to make sure we were doing the right thing,” says Mario. “So it took us a long time to build the songs and make sure every note on this album was crucial and important.”

In the past, the Duplantiers tended to write only ten or eleven songs, which would then constitute Gojira’s next album. For Courage however, they wanted to generate as many ideas as possible before narrowing them down to the ten songs that appear on the album.

“We made so many riffs and so many songs that weren’t on the album,” says Mario. “We were more picky, I would say. “

Gojira has certainly released a number of much heavier records than Courage, but the new album is the most detailed and textured release in their catalog. Joe produced the record, which was recorded at the group’s New York studios, Silver Cord Studio.

Recording began in 2019, with Mario’s drum parts being handled with relative efficiency. The guitars, vocals and other more decorative overdubs took a little longer.

“There was a lot of time spent in the studio hanging out, doing backing vocals, doing arrangements,” says Mario. “When you have your home studio it can be a bit tricky because you spend a lot of time there. “

Bassist Jean-Michael Labadie and guitarist Christian Andreu have been with the band since the 90s, but the Duplantiers have always been Gojira’s creative link.

Joe has produced the majority of their albums and writes all of the band’s lyrics, often loaded with politics. Mario helps with everything else: the melodies, the riffs, the dynamics, the song structures and, of course, the drums.

“I’m not a guitarist, but I sing a lot of ideas,” says Mario. “I always record [a riff or melody] and sing it to my brother.

Since the debut of the major in 2014, The Wild Child, Gojira’s sound focused less on aggressiveness and meeting the needs of a particular metal sub-genre and more on melodic undertones and dynamic push-and-pulls. Double bass drum pedal continues to practice Courage, but Mario’s attitude towards drums has changed dramatically in recent years.

“The main objective is to make sure that the drums have a purpose for the song,” he says. “I like playing technically, but the reality of the group is that we try to find harmony between us.

“We are trying to find a balance. We are no longer 20 years old. We started the band 25 years ago, so we have new desires: we want to improve the melodies, we want to be able to play a simple idea and find the power in the simplicity too.

The group goes back to its early years on Courage‘s the heavier tracks, such as “Into The Storm” and “Grind”, both of which feature incredibly technical drum parts. These songs contrast with the two-song sequence of “Fortitude” and “The Chant,” which is the most melodic and harmonically layered stretch of sound recorded in the Gojira catalog.

“A song like ‘The Chant’, I kept it simple because it’s all about vocals, it’s all about guitar solos,” says Mario. “I like to play simple if the songs can be better.”

Even when kept simple, there is a measure of immensity in the drum sounds on Courage. The quintessential rock and metal engineer Andy Wallace mixed the album. In addition to mixing Nirvana no matter and the production of Jeff Buckley Grace, Wallace has mixed records for everyone from Linkin Park and Coldplay to System of a Down, Slipknot and Sepultura.

“Andy Wallace was offering something amazing and we didn’t have much to say,” says Mario. “He understood that Gojira needed a catchy sound, but with a very organic bass and a real snare. So there was not as much back and forth.

“It was an incredible collaboration. Andy Wallace is the most humble person I have ever met. He has no ego, he is very easy to manage, so it was a real pleasure.

Mario sent Wallace a few notes regarding the kick and snare sounds, which were mostly taken from Wallace’s career portfolio.

“I just said, ‘I would love to have the snare sound of ANNOUNCEMENT of chaos, Sepultura, because he mixed this album and it’s my favorite snare sound. It’s not exactly the same sound [on Fortitude], but I just gave him that as an example.

“Deftones” White pony is one of my other favorites. Slipknot’s debut album is a good example of another catchy organic sound. Korn also has a huge sound. Lots of things Andy Wallace mixed up!

Courage was released via Roadrunner Records on Friday, April 30.

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Congratulations Melody and Geoffrey! – Bluegrass today

Another happy bluegrass union has occurred. Melody Williamson, lead singer and fiddler for Nashville-based family band Williamson Branch, and Geoffrey Keyes, sound engineer at Morganton, North Carolina, Blue Ridge Sound, tied the knot on April 11. The ceremony took place in Cookeville, Tennessee, in the chapel. at Lanes’ Bend. Music was provided by Carley Arrowood, Daniel Thrailkill and Drew Grounds.

The couple made up their own vows. Geoffrey pledged to always listen to and enjoy Melody’s songs, and she vowed to always admire Geoffrey’s plans.

“It is such a privilege to learn to love and be loved. As the products of two strong, God-centered marriages, Geoffrey and I have a tradition to carry on. We are proud to share the joyful news of our engagement with the world! Geoffrey is the most selfless, creative and lively person I have ever met. He’s gonna make the best husband – you should all be jealous! Shared melody.

Geoffrey added, “The melody is my perfect balance, my beautiful songbird, my friend, my confidante and my focus. His smile and laughter light up every day. It’s so exciting to start our life together.

The musical duo met at Doyle Lawson and the Quicksilver Bluegrass Festival in Denton, North Carolina. The place is apparently fertile ground to meet your partner, as several other bluegrass couples have recently acknowledged (Stephen Burwell / Haley Rhea, Katie Springer / Austin Koerner).

Six months later, Melody and Geoffrey had their first date at a restaurant in Nashville. Then they walked to a nearby park. Melody’s new shoes gave her blisters. To ease her discomfort, Geoffrey wore his shoes while Melody walked barefoot. According to the bride, “I’ve been walking in the air ever since.”

The couple appeared together in a Williamson Branch video in 2019, Blue moon over Texas.

After almost three years of dating, Geoffrey and Melody got engaged on August 13, 2020. Good things happened that year!

Melody developed the proposal. “Geoffrey surprised me by taking me to a gazebo he had decorated with curtains, lights and candles. It was all breathtaking. We had dinner inside and we danced. After dessert (cheesecake, yum!), He knelt down and asked me to marry him, and I said… YES, I MARRY YOU! After that, I just laughed for three days.

The happy couple spent their honeymoon in Turtletown, Tennessee, and moved to Hickory, North Carolina.

Williamson Branch will perform at Lorraine’s Coffee House in Garner, NC on Friday evening, April 30 at 7:30 pm They will also perform at the Northside Gospel Chapel in Victoria, Va. On Sunday, May 2 at 11:00 am.

Visit them online for more upcoming shows. We want the newlyweds as well as the venues to start reopening and the live music to return.

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Andrew Rayel releases Find Your Harmony 250 anthem, “My Harmony”

André Rayel famous 250 episodes of Find your harmony. At the moment, he presents the anthem of this edition which is entitled ‘my harmony‘, creating a track that explores its melodic sounds.

Fans of Andrew Rayel, have you missed those piano melodies that touch our deepest feelings? Do not wait any longer, he brings it back in force on this track. Without a doubt, this is a listening pleasure that will remind many Rayel fans of the good times.

Following the release of masterpieces that uplift us such as’Silver lining‘, Andrew Rayel is an artist who always leaves a mark with everyone. At the same time, the artist presents his melody and the natural harmony he was looking for and which he luckily found. The sound he explores defines him as a human being. A clear musical manifestation, acting as that unique essence which is explored in itself through music.

Andrew Rayel – ‘My Harmony’ Find your Harmony 250 anthem

Andrew Rayel My Harmony

In short, the anthem encompasses everything that makes up Rayel’s radio show. From the darkest sounds typical of a festival to the most melancholy and disturbing songs you can find. A concept that started out as a dream and then an album, radio show, and label was created until it reached what we call Rayel’s huge legacy.

Find Your Harmony was launched in 2012 with one goal in mind: to help budding artists. I got the help I needed at the start of my career. I know for a fact that I could not have reached this point in my career without the advice of the people I had around me. Plus, I dreamed of being a DJ and a producer when I was still a kid. I would love to give back and make sure Find Your Harmony is a place for every dreamer.

André Rayel

‘My Harmony’ features elements of the new sound that the Moldovan DJ and producer is manipulating. At the same time, it is accompanied by an immensely melodic piano. It makes this journey something between the origins of trance and the sound of Andrew Rayel himself.

You can listen to Andrew Rayel – ‘My Harmony’ below!

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Harmony Byrne: The Songs I Sing When No One Is Listening (Allen Road) – review

Harmony Byrne

The songs that I sing when no one is listening

Allen Street

Apr 15, 2021
Web exclusivity

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Australian singer and songwriter Harmony Byrne, like many other artists, found herself at her most open in deep isolation. The isolation of the past year has given Byrne the opportunity to release his long-buried deepest fears and pains. Often these most intimate moments of release are never seen or heard, created only for the catharsis of just letting them open. Harmony Byrne’s latest EP is the rare exception. In the midst of the release of Byrne’s first feature film in 2020, Heavy doors, she scampered into her studio in the Australian bush and self-recorded a series of crass acoustic demos. While these demos were initially not intended to see wide release, she released the stripped-down recordings as her latest EP, The songs that I sing when no one is listening.

The presentation of these songs is undeniably simple, with Byrne’s only accompaniment to his own guitar. Yet Byrne takes advantage of the austere recording and bare instrumentation to delight his listeners, making them cling to every ethereal syllable and melody gently whispered. Her performances are raw and bare, sometimes sounding cracked and muffled as if she was holding back a flood of tears. On “Sparrow,” Byrne is barely able to choke off the lyrics as she whispers, “Oh, breathe / Oh, breathe / Like the first time,” recalling both the intimate beauties and heartbreaking trials of the love. There’s an almost voyeuristic intensity to hearing Byrne in such a simple setting, but that same electric allure captivates throughout the duration of the EP.

As much as the sound of PE is defined by isolation, so equally important is the raging pandemic that spurred its creation. While the subject never arises explicitly, it is not difficult to project your own hardships onto Byrne’s stories. She sings at the start of “Daisy Chains”, “There was not a day left to save / So go ahead and cry, this is what you need / This year has been a lot to take.” This touching feeling of empathy runs deep into the record, with Byrne providing sweet solace for the darker moments of “The Good Days & The Bad Days” – “Baby, let me be your good days / Let me be. there when they are bad / Let my love be your happiness / Let the world get away from you. However, the traumas that Byrne plunges into are as personal as they are universal. Byrne’s searing confessions dig into old wounds, examining the grief and lost innocence on “Daisy Chains” and the addiction and tragedy on “The Good Days & The Bad Days”.

With the closing track, Byrne delivers a poignant rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Chelsea Hotel No. 2”, a longtime classic Byrne holds dear. While these songs may not have been intended for a wider audience, few can deny the poignant sincerity behind The songs that I sing when no one is listening. While the stripped-down recording and stripped-down instrumentation can leave the songs rather understated, it also invites a refreshing sense of authenticity and powerful emotional power. Although the runtime is short, there is a rich depth of sentiment in these tracks, the extent of which only perhaps Byrne herself knows. But it nevertheless invites the listener to dig deeper and discover a new meaning for himself. (

Author’s Note: 7.5/ten

Rate this album

Average reader rating: 6/ten

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Charly Black happy to be on the new rhythm of Usain Bolt | Entertainment

Charly Black, from Trelawny, said when approached by Usain Bolt’s team to be part of their latest music project, the Clockwork Rhythm, saying yes was a no-brainer.

Platinum-selling artist said THE STAR OF THE WEEKEND that it was an honor to be called by the world famous sprinter, and since they are from the same parish, passing up the opportunity was not an option.

“I work very often on a Big Yaad production, and the bredda weh runs out of the door on deh always a tell NJ, dat a Bolt director, wah talk to me,” he said. “Him (Bolt) sends me a message because we follow each other on Instagram and tells him for a long time that he made me the voice but just the time. Dating Charly Black on it, and I was very honored as as Trelawny’s colleague to be part of the project. “

Charly Black says his respect for Bolt has always been very high, from his legendary track career to his jumps in a different industry.

“Yuh affi respect dem man deh hustle, because he goes after wah him wah, and even when it seems impossible to him, he dweet the same way and pushes until he gets success,” he said. -he declares. “Nuh chupidness nuh inna we thing innu, because we are sons of Trelawny. We know how to work hard and ignore noise. Success that we are looking for,” said Charly Black.

The artist will join artists like Vybz Kartel, TeeJay and Christopher Martin on the beat.

“The first time I hear di riddim I just know how to say it’s a gyal mi a go sing song because it has that dancehall flavor. Dancehall vibe dat was all about the ladies. Dancehall lacks that in the world these days, and I’m happy to be a part of this project so I can show it once again, ”said Charly Black.

This will be the third rhythm Bolt has released since 2019. His first project, Olympe Rose, was released that summer. Before the end of the year, he releases the Immortal rhythm. Both projects went extremely well. The Clockwork beat will also include tracks by Ricardo ‘Bibi’ Gardner and NJ.

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Dr MK Muneer, Doctor of Harmony in Kerala

When it is difficult to leave a mark in an area itself, some wear many hats and leave positive waves in those dimensions with their ability and humility.

Dr MK Muneer is an award winning author, social entrepreneur, singer, physician, former minister and leader of God’s country.

He received three times the award for the best minister of the nation in the category Social Welfare and Panchayat for his implementation of projects that created lasting effects in the grassroots. Having won the Indo-British Best Minister Award, he represents the constituency of Kozhikode South where people from all political backgrounds can approach him without any bias.

Asked about his accomplishments, he attributes his success to the people of the constituency who go beyond partisanship and his humility through which he has emerged as a consensus maker in the harmonization of various sections of society.

Dr Muneer is well respected and accepted throughout Kerala for his strong secular credentials and pluralistic outlook. He is one of the most sought-after honored guests for various faiths and community organizations.

His development initiatives in the city of Kozhikode and his dynamism when he was a minister made him endearing to all segments of political life. A strong supporter of progressive values ​​and inclusive development, Muneer’s mega push for the city’s infrastructure development has resulted in billions of government investments and interventions for the growth of Kozhikode.

Dr. Muneer’s philosophy is a blend and balance of growth and care. Its Direct Benefit Scheme (DBT) of sending money to widows, orphans, homeless people, the elderly and farmers has become a case study for governance and has inspired many projects in this area. type across the country.

It was under his leadership that Kerala made history with India’s first transgender policy. The “Kerala State Transgender Policy” created a stir across India with activist groups demanding a model Kerala policy in many states in India. In addition to focusing on infrastructure, Dr Munner focused on human infrastructure, mental health, women’s empowerment, protection of children’s rights and assistance to people with intellectual disabilities.

Pioneering work in this area as a physician and minister has also won laurels from National Media. Under his leadership, “NISH” (National Institute of Speech and Hearing) was elevated to the rank of university.

Bringing his expertise in the medical field, the Doctor Minister has also taken “psycho-social counseling” initiatives for adolescents and adolescents in schools.

Dr Munner has started projects such as “Snehapoorvam, snehasparsham, samashwasam, ashwasakiranam, public library renovation, upgrading Kozhikode beach to global standards, Melody for educational and cultural rejuvenation”.

Bringing his expertise from the world of medicine, his resourcefulness was embodied in the conduct of large-scale medical camps for the needy, the transformation of public health centers into model health centers and the raising of the level of the government hospital. of Kottaparambathu globally.

Addressing geriatric issues in the state, the “Saphalame Vardhakyam” for the Happiness and Development of the Elderly Project has won laurels across the country. He also envisioned Kozhikode to be a “fully wifi” equipped place and completion is underway.

Due to the enormous popularity of over a dozen new Muneer projects, governments, even when they changed, decided to continue with them.

He represents the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), an organization led by the Panakkad Thangal family which is well accepted in all communities in Kerala and acts as a bulwark against sectarian tendencies. When the opportunity arises, they have seen it as a duty to relinquish their own interests for the good of society in order to defend the interests of the nation.

Dr Muneer has won numerous accolades for his literary efforts. He won the SK Pottekkatt Literary Prize for his work “Sree Narayana Guru Moonnu Vicharangal” and the C Achuta Menon Prize for Literature. This eminent physician and author of Kozhikode has become one of the country’s most renowned leaders who has inspired people from all walks of life.

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Medtronic adds Harmony to its Melody for catheter-based pulmonary valve implantation

Medtronic obtained FDA approval for its Melody Transcatheter Pulmonary Valve (TPV) in 2017, and the device has been deployed in the treatment of severe pulmonary regurgitation outside of the United States for more than a decade. On March 26, Medtronic announced that the FDA had approved its latest TPV system, Harmony. With this addition, Medtronic strengthens its portfolio and provides more treatment options for patients who are not good candidates for invasive surgery.

Medtronic is the largest medical device company and is already established in this space with multiple catheter valve therapies. Medtronic has positioned itself to dominate the POS market, but an analysis of the company’s performance over the past five years shows that its US revenues in this market have remained stagnant. This is probably due to the fact that pulmonary regurgitation (RP) is often an asymptomatic disease. Historically, RP has been managed by treating symptoms and only turning to valve repair or replacement when necessary.

Medtronic will seek to offset the challenges in this market by further studying the benefits of earlier intervention in PR to alleviate other diseases, such as pulmonary hypertension and heart failure. In addition, Medtronic will likely support further investigations into the diagnosis of RP, which is typically detected using Doppler echocardiography.

Mitral regurgitation (MR) has recently received wide coverage due to the rapid growth in the market for catheter mitral valve implantation and repair devices. Historically, MR was only treated by treating symptoms due to age in patients who usually develop MR, which increases the risk of complications in open heart surgery. Catheter therapy has increased the rate of MRI procedures. As such, Medtronic’s POS devices could follow similar footsteps if they can handle the associated challenges in the market.

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