Huntsville stars Kimmi Scott, Melody Holt talk about pandemic production, new episodes, and more

Ladies from hit show OWN sat down with theGrio to break down new episodes

Love and Marriage: Huntsville is officially back with new episodes airing this weekend. The hit OWN reality series that follows three powerful black couples in Huntsville, Alabama, has become a hit for the network.

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New episodes begin on January 30, and the show will cover the ups and downs of 2020, including the pandemic and civil unrest in the country this summer.

Melody Holt and Kimberlee “Kimmi” Scott sitting with leGrio to share what they are looking forward to in the New Year, what they hope audiences get from this season, and what it was like to shoot the series in 2020.

Love and Marriage: Huntsville (OWN)

Holt said she’s in a good place starting in the New Year. She explained, “After 2020, get out of there and be here… I feel good, okay?”

Scott agreed, saying 2020 was a “roller coaster ride” but that she was grateful her family was “happy and healthy”.

Their 2020, of course, was all about filming a reality show and showing it all to the audience. Scott credits the success of Love and Marriage: Huntsville to the great team they have at OWN, saying: “It’s a real production job – Carlos King and his team. We’ve been doing this for a while. It’s a lot of work !”

The ladies further explained how production handled the pandemic.

“You know, having to undergo COVID testing very regularly, having to wear masks,” Holt explained, “even when production came into our homes, we actually had a COVID specialist who was assigned. As Kimmi said, kudos to the production! “

Melody Holt -

Melody Holt – “Love and Marriage: Huntsville”

Scott, a registered nurse, is a frontline worker herself.

“For me being a nurse and doing the show… it added an extra layer of activity because obviously I had to work harder than before. I was more concerned with my family and friends, and my clientele that I work with are seniors.

She says her new routine has become “extra cleansing, extra scrubs, and extra masks.”

New episodes of the show will spotlight the Black Lives Matter movement, with the first episode focusing on a black business town hall.

“Much of my gratitude for the show is expanding our platform for the things we do on a regular basis anyway, and City Hall is here,” Scott said. “The town hall brings together people who are successful in their business to share this information with others who are not. There were a lot of meaningful conversations that needed to take place around the world, and the Town Hall was a perfect place to have them. “

“Love and Marriage: Huntsville” – Maurice and Kimmi

The ladies also tease a lot of exciting things to come in the new episodes.

“The show is about the roller coaster of relationships, be it friendship, marriage, business …”, Scott revealed.

Holt wants viewers to know the show is for real.

She explained, “When the cameras are here they capture real life… we’re going to be living our lives, the cameras just happen to be there. If someone had asked me years ago if I ever thought I would be getting a divorce, my answer would be no. And if someone had asked me if I thought it would be broadcast on national television, I would have answered “No no!” But that’s what he is right now.

Both ladies promise that there are “a lot of great moments” that fans are looking forward to. When asked to sum up the new episodes in a few words, Holt replied cheekily, “Three Blind Mice,” alluding to the dynamic changes in the new season.

Scott had a different response, simply saying, “Fasten your seat belt!”

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New episodes of Love and Marriage: Huntsville start Jan. 30 at 9/8 on OWN.

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Melody Duncan to release solo album, “Wolf Song” on March 12

Atlanta, GA-based singer-songwriter / violinist / multi-instrumentalist Melody Duncan is about to release his first solo album, Wolf song, March 12, 2021. With notes of Americana, indie-pop, chamber pop and folk woven together into a captivating mix, the songs on the album also feature Duncan’s unique voice, a slightly gritty in the depths of his music. With clear vision and focus, Wolf song was written, performed, recorded and produced entirely by Duncan.

“Recording in a home studio is both fun and empowering,” says Duncan. “On the one hand, my apartment is not soundproofed, so there were a lot of times I couldn’t record because noisy things were happening, like a thunderstorm or my neighbors mowing their lawns. However, this is also one of the reasons I was able to capture some of the cool nature sounds on the record.

Prior to her solo musical endeavors, Duncan was a member of the international touring group The Mulligan Brothers, where she brought the group violin, fiddle, keyboards and vocals. Together they reached the top 50 of the US charts in the United States and performed the Cayamo Cruise with artists such as Emmylou Harris, Brandi Carlile, Shawn Mullins, Steve Earle and John Paul White. When the Mulligan Brothers disbanded in January 2019, Duncan found herself excited about a new chapter in her musical journey and knew she finally had to produce some of the songs she had been writing since she was a young girl.

With Wolf Song, instead of playing songs that others had written, Duncan finally decided to share his own original music with the world. Faithful to his education, his original music is a mixture of genres, a taste all his own. Accompanying her unique musical vision, she began to create what she calls her “Wolf Pack,” a community of people and music fans who come together in person, in spirit, or both. “I think wolves are amazing creatures,” Duncan says. “They run the strongest in the packs and they need the community to be their best. They also connect through song, howling together in harmony despite any distance between them. Music is our universal language and I like to connect with others. I’ve always loved music, and my parents obviously loved it, because they called me Melody. I want to encourage people, connect with people and share light and love through music. We all need more light.

Born and raised in Mobile, AL, Duncan first started in music at a young age. Listening to bluegrass, rock’n’roll, church songs, Celtic music and classical compositions, Duncan enjoyed a wide variety of inspirations from the start. His parents and older brother (Christopher Duncan), all musicians themselves, helped foster the appreciation of playing and performance. With his mother teaching him, Duncan started playing the piano at the age of 5 and slowly learned different instruments along the way. She found an added level of musical passion when she started playing the violin as a teenager. Determined to share music and make it her career, she began touring and working freelance with rock bands, jazz musicians, folk artists, local record studios and chamber bands.

In addition to counting her family members as musically uplifting and motivating, Duncan has also drawn inspiration from artists as diverse as Freddie Mercury, Alison Krauss, Elton John, Chris Thile and James Taylor. “They’re masters at their craft and they make technically savvy music easily enjoyable for all types of audiences,” Duncan explains. “Listening to their music makes my heart happy. Music keeps me company and inspires me. My hope is to pass this on, to add light, inspiration and encouragement to other people. I feel that music can be like a prayer, a hope, a connection to our deepest source of light.

Duncan plans to broadcast live shows when possible under COVID guidelines, but, in the meantime, fans can follow her on Facebook for announcements on her upcoming livestreams.

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