New Year’s Eve with Stamps and Consider The Source in Red Square

New York natives, Timbre Coup and Consider the Source gather to celebrate the New Year with a New Years Eve extravaganza at Red Square in Albany, NY on Monday, December 31, 2012. Tickets can be purchased in advance for $ 15 or $ 20. at the door and are available here. For more information, visit the Red Square website website. Red Square is located at 388 Broadway, Albany, NY. The phone is (518) 465-0444. Doors open at 8:00 p.m. Timbre Coup has become a cohesive force to be reckoned with. Often compared to bands like King Crimson and Umphrey’s McGee, this prog (or “improg”) band also has a very dancey side to it. “We want people to pay attention to the details and complexity of our songs, but we love to make people dance. Said drummer Matt Pickering. Progressive rock mixed with madness, Composition mixed with absinthe, Atonal meets resolution, Aggression combined with submission, Mayo meets Ketchup, TROPICAL SUNBURN IN A GOOD WAY. For more information, visit the official Timbre Coup website website. Sci-Fi Middle Eastern Funk, Consider the Source has a sound that is a mix of Middle Eastern scales, psychedelic jams, and a hard rock rhythm section. Consider The Source’s new album, That’s What’s Up, which speaks to the core beliefs and values ​​of band members regarding their art and expression. They continue to forge new sounds and unique song structures, fusing alien time signatures with exotic rhythms and refining a form of dialogue-based improvisation where rhythms are words, notes are feelings and dynamics convey. intensity. The trio have taken this music around the world, driven by an intrepid desire to be themselves and deliver their sound as honestly as possible in the sheer rawness of the “moment”. For more information, visit the official website of the source website.

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