“101 Melody Makers” unveiled at the Conseil des arts


Everyone remembers the singer’s name, but people rarely remember the composers and instrumentalists who create the melody, music expert Sultan Arshad said on Friday.

He was speaking at the launch of his book 101 Melody Makers at the Pakistan Arts Council (ACP), Karachi, which honors top composers, music directors, instrumentalists and songwriters.

Intellectual and writer Javed Jabbar, Hum Network President Sultana Siddiqui, ACP President Muhammad Ahmad Shah, musicians Arshad Mahmood, SM Shahid and actress Bushra Ansari expressed their views at the unveiling ceremony.

While a large number of different literary and social figures were present on the occasion. Speaking of Sultan Arshad’s book, the ACP President said the author spent 14 years preparing this book. There are many books on wars in libraries in Pakistan, but unfortunately very few on fine art. He offered to have the book published in Urdu.

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Javed Jabbar said that a song is sung by a singer, but it takes a music director, producer, cinematographer, man of light, instrumentalist and many more to complete it.

Hum Network President Sultana Siddiqui said Sultan Arshad loves music like his children. Arshad Mahmood said that he is a researcher, “if I were to name a song, singer and composer incorrectly, Sultan Arshad would correct it immediately.”

Actress Bushra Ansari said that we have no record of the history of music, there are very few people working to preserve this beautiful art, it is the people who fall in love with music and the sultan Arshad Khan is one of them.

Posted in The Express Tribune, November 14e, 2021.


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